Current Offerings

Women’s Writing Workshops:

6-Week Winter Series 

This workshop series is filling quickly. If you are interested in visiting once or on a regular basis as a substitute, please contact me using the form below.

Jumpstart, restart, and develop your writing in a supportive circle of women. Discover and generate new material, explore and diversify, or make progress on an ongoing project. Expect intriguing prompts, short and long writing periods, regular opportunities to read your work aloud and receive helpful, inspiring feedback. Near the end of each workshop, we read and discuss one participant’s work-in-progress. Participants will offer a spring reading at Studio 413 in the Eastworks Building in Easthampton, Massachusetts. Genres: nonfiction, fiction, poetry, plays, & more.

6-Week Winter Series / Easthampton, Massachusetts

When: all workshops will be held on Wednesdays, 1:00-4:00 pm.
January 31, February 7 & 28, March 14 & 28, April 11
Where: Studio 413, Eastworks Building, 116 Pleasant Street, Easthampton, MA

6-Week Winter Series / Collinsville, Connecticut

When: all workshops will be held on Tuesdays, 1:00-4:00 pm.
January 9 & 23, February 6 & 27, March 6 & 20
Where: TBA in Collinsville, CT

Sliding scale fee: $270-240-210 (per series)

Registration: Space is limited to 8 participants. For more information & registration, please use the form below.

Write Like a River:

Coaching Package (12 months)

with Chivas Sandage

Currently, my coaching dance card is full. I am accepting applications for two openings that start in April and August 2018. For information, please contact me using the form below.   

“Chivas really delivered…it was invaluable. I have absolute trust in her mind and heart.” Sherry Horton, author of Witness Chair: A Memoir of Art, Marriage, and Loss

Do you want to focus on your writing this year? Can you imagine having your own editor/coach who reads your work closely and provides supportive, honest feedback and consistent inspiration? Are you ready for new strategies to create and protect time to write? Do you want resources and info tailored for you, including mini-tutorials and handouts on subjects ranging from craft to publishing? Do you long for a breakthrough in your writing?

I am excited to announce openings for two writers who want to start, make serious progress, or complete a project this year!

Could this be right for you?

  • Do you want a writing coach who is an author, editor, and teacher—someone who is passionate about and dedicated to working with writers? Do you want a coach who prioritizes you and commits substantial time and her undivided attention to reading, thinking about, and responding to your writing?
  • Do you have some experience? Perhaps in professional, academic, and/or creative writing? Perhaps you have participated in writing workshops, or a private writing group?
  • Genre openings: nonfiction, poetry, and short fiction.

How it works:

  • Overview: You will create and maintain a writing practice while making steady progress on 1-2 projects. After each 3-week writing period, you send approximately 20 pages. During week 4, you receive an in-depth consultation scheduled so you get feedback in a timely manner while also having time to revise, research, and/or get started on your next chapter.
  • Your new writing life begins with a 1-hour consultation. We discuss your relationship with writing, life/work balance, and the projects on which you want to focus. Together, we strategize around your strengths—as a person, as a writer—as well as your situational challenges and concerns. We identify your needs and goals, schedule your consultations, clarify your next steps, and design or upgrade your writing practice so that it works with your life and fits your book project.
  • During each 3-week writing period, you schedule a 1-hour consult by phone to check-in about any issues coming up in your writing practice, and/or challenges and progress on your manuscript. If needed, you can also ask questions by email.
  • For each consultation, you send approximately 20 double-spaced pages of prose or 10 single-spaced pages of poetry. As your editor/coach, I read your manuscript carefully, taking time to write detailed notations and comments on each page. You receive a wide range of holistic editorial support. Developmental/substantive editing addresses structure and content on the global (macro) level. Copy and line editing addresses the craft of writing on the sentence/line (micro) level. In addition, I respond on a personal, emotional level, since that is a big part of why we write—to move readers.
  • Once I return your edited manuscript, I consult with you (by phone, Skype, or in person) during a 2-hour in-depth session about your writing. I provide detailed explanations of my written comments, and offer observations, questions, ideas, craft info, and mini-tutorials as needed.
  • After 12 months, you have the option to extend your coaching, based on your project goals.
  • Confidentiality is an essential aspect of our work together. Unless you give permission, I do not discuss you, your writing, or your projects outside of our sessions.

What does the 12-session package cost and include?

The 12-Session Package (1 year): $5,750

Each consultation cycle includes:

  • 1-hour check-in consultation during the writing period
  • Email/phone access for quick questions throughout the consultation cycle
  • Holistic (both macro and micro) editing of approximately 20 pages
  • 2-hour manuscript consultation
  • Info curated and/or created for you (including research and handouts)
  • Discounted writing workshops

What’s possible?

Every writer’s projects and goals are unique, and they often change. I welcome innovation in genre, concept, and style, including prose writers exploring a lyric aesthetic. That said, to give you a sense of what’s possible, let’s say your primary goal is to complete the first draft of a memoir. Perhaps you’re starting with a blank slate, or several notebooks filled with raw material, or a few essays that could be connected somehow. If you choose to focus on a single book project, it will likely take 16 sessions over 16 months to write a standard 80,000-word manuscript. Remember, you will receive written feedback on every page so you can revise as you go (and will have time to), or be prepared with feedback to complete the second draft of your book. You also have the option to work on a variety of projects, possibly in different genres. Regardless of your goals, I work to provide the support, feedback, information, and resources you need to produce high quality, professional manuscripts for publication.

For more information, please use the form below.

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