Write Like a River:

Women’s Multi-Genre Writing Workshops 

Ongoing Workshop Series

Jumpstart, restart, &/or deepen your writing in a supportive circle of women! These multi-genre workshops support you exactly where you are in your writing process. Discover & generate new material, make progress on an ongoing project, or do both. Workshops offer:

  • intriguing prompts
  • time to write
  • supportive, immediate feedback
  • discussion of craft & writing as a practice
  • balanced, inspiring manuscript critiques
  • community with other women writers

In Northampton, MA: Our 5-year-old group meets Tuesdays 1-4 pm at the Writers in Progress studio, a literary arts center located in the Arts & Industry Building on 221 Pine Street in Florence, MA.

In Collinsville, CT: Our 2-year-old group meets Thursdays noon-3 pm. Workshops take place at my home along the Farmington River & a short walk from LaSalle’s Market.

Workshops meet every other week: Tuesdays in MA & Thursdays in CT

If you are interested in visiting, substituting, or joining one of these workshops, please contact me directly. The substitute list also acts as a waiting list for those who are interested in joining once a spot opens up.  

Testimonial: “Chivas, this is your fault! I only want to write. To think about writing. I’m writing all the time—in my head, to myself. I’m energized by thinking/writing/telling/reading/hearing. I love it. And I blame you… Again, I blame you.” Joyce R.

Several helpful links: (describes workshop structure) (describes my concept of “spilling”) (testimonials)


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  1. Marie Lavendier says:

    Is there an opening for the Thursday Collinsville Writing Workshop?

    • csandage says:

      Yes, Marie, I believe there’s an opening. Maya forwarded your email & I’ll get back to you in the morning. Thanks for contacting us!

  2. csandage says:

    I emailed you & hope to connect soon!

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