Write Like a River:

Women’s Multi-Genre Writing Workshops 

Spring 2014 Workshops

Jumpstart, restart, &/or deepen your writing in a supportive circle of women! These multi-genre workshops support you exactly where you are in your writing process. Discover & generate new material, make progress on an ongoing project, or do both. Workshops offer:

  • intriguing prompts
  • time to write
  • supportive, immediate feedback
  • discussion of craft & writing as a practice
  • balanced, inspiring manuscript critiques
  • community with other women writers

In Northampton, MA: Our 5-year-old group meets Tuesdays 1-4 pm at the Writers in Progress studio, a literary arts center located in the Arts & Industry Building on 221 Pine Street in Florence, MA.

In Collinsville, CT: Our 2-year-old group meets Thursdays noon-3 pm. Workshops take place at my home along the Farmington River & a short walk from LaSalle’s Market.

5 workshops that meet every other week: Tuesdays in MA & Thursdays in CT

MA dates: (full)

April 1, 15, 29

June 3, 17

CT dates: (1 spot available)

March 27

April 10, 24

May 29

June 12

If you are interested in visiting, substituting, or joining one of these workshops, please contact me directly. The substitute list also acts as a waiting list for those who are interested in joining once a spot opens up.  

Sliding Fee Scale: $40-35-30 per workshop (or $200-175-150 per series) Pay as you go or all at once—it’s up to you—but please pay as close to the top of the scale as possible. I offer a sliding scale so that women who are struggling with low incomes or challenging fixed incomes have the opportunity to participate, and those who pay midway and higher on the scale make it possible for Write Like a River workshops to continue. If you can contribute to a scholarship fund, please contact me. We have several participants who are currently in need of subsidies in order to continue writing with us.

Registration: First-come, first-serve basis. Please note that both groups are currently at capacity. The waiting list doubles as a substitute list. To inquire or register, please reply to Maya (my terrific registration coordinator) at No deposit or advance payment is required. Important: your registration confirmation will be considered agreement to pay the fee by/on the day of each workshop, even if you need to cancel. If a sub can fill your spot, there will be no fee to you.

Testimonial: “Chivas, this is your fault! I only want to write. To think about writing. I’m writing all the time—in my head, to myself. I’m energized by thinking/writing/telling/reading/hearing. I love it. And I blame you… Again, I blame you.” Joyce R.

Several helpful links: (describes workshop structure) (describes my concept of “spilling”) (testimonials)

For more information:

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  1. Marie Lavendier says:

    Is there an opening for the Thursday Collinsville Writing Workshop?

    • csandage says:

      Yes, Marie, I believe there’s an opening. Maya forwarded your email & I’ll get back to you in the morning. Thanks for contacting us!

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