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We thank the following individuals 

who have contributed

to our scholarship fund for women writers:

Leah Neilsen

Jennifer Helfrich

Janet Gillespie

Nora Jamieson

Stephen Grant

Marie Lavendier

Jennifer Glick

Andrea Frank Rutsky

Sidney Simon

Anonymous Bennington College alum

The Art Angels (for a writer’s medical expenses)

Richard Felten (for donating a laptop computer for a woman writer)

If you or someone you know would like to sponsor a woman writer, please use the contact form below to connect. Donations of any amount make a difference. 

Write Like a River participants have published in APIARY Magazine, The Daily Hampshire Gazette, Naugatuck River Review, The Sun, the chapbook Silkworm, and the anthologies Hear a Poet, There a Poet and Paradise Found. Our writers have also had letters appear in the Boston Globe, and received awards from poetry contests judged by Leslea Newman (former Poet Laureate of Northampton) and The New Hartford Garden Club.

I have a strong commitment to making my writing workshops available to women with a wide range of budgets. In that spirit, I offer a sliding scale and work to promote and manage this scholarship fund.

This fund started up in the fall of 2012, when I invited attendees of my book launch to contribute to a new scholarship fund for women writers who, due to illness, single parenting, and/or economic hardship, struggle to continue writing with us or simply cannot otherwise participate in the workshops.

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