The Closet Artist


1) Write in the voice of one of the two girls portrayed in the photograph—as the girl, or as the grown woman looking back at the photo of her childhood.

2) Write in the voice of a woman who observes others but is relatively invisible.

Perhaps she is a nanny. Perhaps she is a closet photographer who will choose to never in her life show a single photograph to another person. Perhaps she is both (as was Vivian Maier).

Other possibilities: perhaps she is a museum guard, test proctor or airport scanner.

Or perhaps she is a he.

Write about a typical day in her life using first person present tense.

Source: Vivian Maier: Street Photographer, Edited by John Maloof (page 19). Click on photo to be taken to the original photo and official site for more information about the work of this remarkable yet largely unknown photographer.


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