Remembering Summer’s Opium

Image: Orin Zebest via Flickr



To continue the theme of writing about photos from childhood, read David Trinidad’s poem titled “9773 Comanche Ave.” Here’s a direct link to where the poem lives within a virtual world of verse known as 9773 Comanche Ave.

Set a timer and spill for 15 minutes.

Read your spill out loud.  


I think of as an online anthology where readers can organize and explore its contents by subject and poet. Clicking “Poems about Childhood” led me to “Blur” by Andrew Hudgins (originally from Texas, like myself). In preparing to read this poem for my workshop, I repeatedly read it out loud to the kitchen, and then listened to the poet’s own recording. Enjoy: Blur    

Set a timer and spill for 25 minutes.

Read your spill out loud.

Consider calling a close friend to ask if you can share your spill. Even better, call a writer-friend and offer to “exchange” brief readings. Often, just reading your work to another human being can be helpful. If you’re both squeezing this exchange in between making deadlines, driving kids and preparing dinner, consider agreeing to each offer just two positive comments in the form of two favorite images and/or lines.  

(This post’s title quotes “Blur”)


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